4 major differences between traditional marketing vs inbound marketing

There was a time when traditional marketing making a huge impact on company businesses. Now, people are avoiding the traditional marketing methods as the money spent on it going worthless consistently.

The trends of the market keep changing due to the advancement of technology and newer strategies. People are tired of receiving those spam mails and messages which now directly go into trash without even getting a sight of a single person who received the message.

Inbound marketing process is however different from what we have seen in contrast to traditional one. The process has this unique approach of catching viewer’s attention towards the company.

More and more traffic is now been generated from inbound marketing than the outbound process. The gradual shift of companies towards inbound techniques are proving effective and beneficial to business growth.

Here look at 4 difference between traditional marketing & inbound marketing in order to acquire more information about their roles :-

  1. Traditional marketing vs inbound marketing

Traditional marketing is company focused on the other hand inbound marketing is customer focused. Traditional marketing is more of about pushing your product or service into client’s mind regardless of taking into consideration their wish. Sending mails, direct messages coupons to people against their choices In order to get traffic for the company. “Inbound marketing” believes in transforming stranger into audience the audience into customer. By providing them with relevant solutions to their problem. The process may be time consuming but effective in long term as It makes loyal customers and build audience trust on brand.

  1. Traditional marketing vs inbound marketing

Traditional marketing interrupts person life where inbound marketing offer solutions at the time when consumer need it the most. When someone advertise its product or service even when customer is not looking for it then it is called “interruptive marketing”. That’s what traditional marketing techniques are all about. Inbound marketing revert to customer problem by providing solution when asked. It only support the customer with relevant answers and navigate them towards right direction.

  1. Traditional marketing vs inbound marketing

Traditional marketing is one way flow communication. They just spread the information to audience even without considering whether they want the information or not. Inbound marketing is interactive and communicate with audience by allowing two way flow of information. Blogs and articles permit audience to revert on it and ask for query if facing any issue. Although, call to action is enough to guide audience in case of inbound.

  1. Traditional marketing vs inbound marketing

Keeping aside all the negative aspects of outbound, the process is quicker than inbound if you succeed. Fill the mails, radio, message with commercial about your event or product and if you able to attract the public, sales can generate and measured easily. Inbound marketing is may be slow process because google take time in upgrading your positioning depending on the performance and quality. Still, if you able to hold on with patience then it can assure you long term growth.

Most of the business already made a switch towards inbound marketing from outbound strategy. If you’re thinking to make a turn or new in business then inbound marketing is best to achieve goals in today’s market . Gain knowledge about the digital marketing online, if necessary hire SEO company that can guide your business towards profit.