5 Techniques of Making Your Products More Appealing

Ensuring that your customers that browse your site actually convert into sales is imperative for a brand. It can sometimes cost a large sum of money to even get clients looking at your produce or service with marketing trying to draw in as many peoaple as possible. To make your advertising worth the cost you want to optimise your products and layout to get the best return of investment you can get! Well if you are looking to revamp and update your products to increase sales here are 5 ideas that you can try to increase the chance of your customers paying.

Detailed descriptions and high quality images

When people are purchasing online they rely solely on images and descriptions to get an idea of what they are purchasing. They don’t have the tactile, physical feedback of actually holding the products to geta sense of the quality themselves. This is why if your images are low quality and the description isn’t detailed enough they are likely to decide against purchasing your goods. So ensure that all your images are clear and high quality, showing a lots of details, and ensure that your descriptions are long and talk about every aspect the product. Including images from a variety of different angles can also help in this goal as well.

Place products next to each other of get the benefits of contrast

The power of contrast can be very powerful as most people don’t even notice the effect of it. If you place a product, which you want to sell more of, next to a similar product that is more expensive they will be more enticed to purchase the cheaper product. This is because they are looking less at the actual price of the product and instead thinking how it is cheaper than the other item, thus being more likely to purchase.

Try to increase the perceived value of a product

If the client believes that the value of the product is high they will be more willing to spend the requested price on the product. Here are two good ways to do this:

You can show the entirety of the production process and show how the products are made. If they see everything that goes behind making a product and see how much effort is made to make one singular item then they will appreciate the price more.
Try to show off and emphasise the luxury of the product will make the client believe the price is worth it for the higher quality. For example, talk about why the material of the product is used and how that makes the product better to use and have.

Emphasise the popularity of your product

If you show that a lot of people have bought a product they will be tempted to buy that product. This can be attributed to many things; it could be due to the herd mentality idea of following what the larger crowd is doing or it could be the trust in the fact that people must buy this product because it is good or is worth its price. Showing the popularity of a product by including it in a “best-seller” category or by showing reviews left by customers on the product.

Bonuses and extras for purchasing

One of the best ways to get people to purchase an item is to give them something a little extra if they do. For example offering a discount for a product, having a loyalty system or offer some kind of gift as an extra. Loyalty systems work by offering a free product or service for just using you a certain amount of times. They entice people to buy now and in the future to eventually get something for free. Offering something as an extra if they purchase something like a piece of promotional merchandise can incentivise them to buy because now their value for money has increased and they are getting something a little more, even if the price of the extra is minimal. For example, offering your customer a promotional bag if they purchase a product can be all you need to entice them to purchase. Another advantage of this is that the bags will provide advertising in the future for your brand as an added bonus as well.

Once you have the customer on your site, you don’t want them to turn away without buying something from your store. So try out some of these ideas with your items and see what works the best for your brand. If you have any other ideas feel free to share with us. We would love to hear and we’re sure our other readers would love to hear too.

My name is Wesley Tatterton and I am the Digital Marketer and Web Developer for the company Promo Parrot. I handle a lot of the website maintenance for the company as well as promoting the site across the web. I use various methods to do this like posting to social media and writing blog posts like this one! Hope you’ve enjoyed…