5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

The photo sharing platform Instagram is among one of the biggest and best social media networks today. Instagram has many using it from around the world and has just reached 700 million active users recently. The application has become a favorite of social media users, and it is also helping business people in social media marketing as well. A lot of brands are today using Instagram for promoting their business. To promote business on Instagram, it is very important to have a big fan following. Here below are five tips which can help you increase your Instagram following.

1. Keep posting consistently

The most important way of gaining more following on Instagram is to keep your account active and by posting consistently. You are on social media so people could see you and the more they see you, the more attention your brand is getting. So you need to post consistently, one post minimum a day could do it. If you are not posting anything regularly, you are not going to gain any more followers. So plan your content days ahead and schedule your posts already using Instagram tools. This way you will always have content, and your account will run consistently.

2. Pick and use the best hashtags

Hashtags are very important when it comes to promoting a business or personality on Instagram. Hashtags can determine a lot about how your content is going to perform, and it plays a vital role in gaining you more followers. While choosing hashtags for your content make sure that you are picking up only the best of hashtags, hashtags should be relevant to your business; they must be precise and make them unique as well. If you have chosen the perfect hashtag, you will engage with more people, and this will bring you more followers. So, always work on your hashtags as they can be critical in bringing you more followers.

3. Hold Instagram contest

Instagram contest are great and fun and not just that they are also one of the best ways of engaging with more people and gain more followers. The idea of the Instagram contest is to hold a competition among followers and giving a gift away to the winner. You can hold a picture contest and ask your followers to share with your hashtags, or you can simply ask your users to comment on your posts to participate. Later you can pick up a winner with a lucky draw or by Jury’s decision. After the contest, you will be able to see a significant increase in your following.

4. Buy followers online

There are many ways of increasing your Instagram following some of them are easy, some of them are tough, and some of them take time. One of the ways which are considered to be the easiest way to gain Instagram followers is to buy the followers online. You will have to pay for it, but it can be worth it. You can buy Instagram followers by using Vibbi, which is designed especially for buying Instagram likes, followers, and views. You can go to Vibbi.com, to buy more Instagram followers.

5. Take influencers’ help to promote

You can always gain more following on Instagram by asking the influencers to promote your product. Influencers are a great way of promoting your business as they already have a big following and can help you convince people for you. You can start with Instagram celebrities, who are social media people and has a lot of following. You can also team up with any NGO that is related to your business. Once the influencers promote you, you will see a healthy change in your following.