All You Need To Know About Darren Keane

Darren Keane is the CEO and one of the most successful businessmen of the world renowned casino company, Storm International. Darren Keane is from Russian Federation. He molded his career with Storm International Group from a pit-boss to a Chief Executive Officer over 2 decades. Recently Darren Keane opened up his company’s Five-star hotel and VIP Casino in Armenia. Under the leadership of Darren, Storm International grew to the heights which it is today. Darren is a sports fanatic and enthusiast who invest money on many sporting events across the world. He is also known for his sporting prowess as a soccer player, RC car driver/rider, and a Lacrosse player.It is in the recent years since Darren Keane was interested in opening more complexes in countries other than the ex-soviet nations. Darren with a vow to enrich the business in the emerging markets looks towards Ukraine and nearby nations eyeing the huge potential within the region. However, Darren Keane is also looking towards the economic and legal aspects of the respective nations where the legislators’ view on this industry will determine the future of this business segment.

Keane Storm International is a well-known gaming/entertainment developer and operator with the presence in various countries across the globe like Germany, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Byelorussia. It has a phenomenal success in running gaming business all around the globe with more focus on emerging markets. Storm International group was established in the year 1992 by Michael Boettcher. Some of the famous flagships of the company include the famous Shangri-La brand casinos delightfully running in the capital of Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Russia. This is also one of the most luxurious casinos in the countries which it serves. The group also owns and manages Hollywood Entertainment in Mexico. With a solid reputation of 20+ years in the field of entertainment and gaming, it expands its footprints around the globe.