All you Need to Know About Philadelphia Birth Injury Attorneys

Birth injuries occur when health providers speed up birth through drugs and surgery. This act forces birth to fit a certain hospital schedule. Law firms handling birth injury in Philadelphia position their cases around two major questions; did medical negligence lead to an unnecessary injury? Are there economic impacts from the birth injuries in the long-run? It is unfortunate when birth injuries occur in Philadelphia where you will come across some of the best healthcare professionals and medical facilities for children.

Examples of Birth Injuries
Birth injuries include cerebral palsy, ataxic cerebral palsy, spastic cerebral palsy, athetoid dyskinetic cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy and other conditions. A birth injury lawsuit in Philadelphia can find out the reason behind your birth injury and help you with the process of compensation. Some common birth injury causes include:
• Failure to appropriately respond to blood loss
• Improper use of vacuum extraction devices and forceps
• Improper Pitocin use; a drug used to speed up or induce labor
• Difficult and prolonged labor that doesn’t get proper care and attention
• Failure to monitor uterine pressure adequately during pressure
• Failure to prepare and anticipate for premature delivery

Some obstetrical unprofessional conduct cases handled by birth injury laws in Philadelphia include improper oxygen level maintenance, negligence to monitor the heart beat of the child or mother, and failure to carry out a cesarean section.


Birth Injury Litigation Options in Philadelphia
Birth injury law requires doctors, nurses, and hospitals to perform their duties diligently so as to provide patients with the best medical care. Expectant parents place a lot of trust to medical professionals and facilities, but when this trust is violated and birth injuries occur, the law has to take its course.

In Philadelphia, birth injury law provides for total financial reimbursement to the injured patient for rehabilitation, lifelong care and health care when the healthcare provider is found guilty by a court of law. Philadelphia birth attorneys urge families to:
• Look for symptoms since birth injuries tend to manifest months after birth
• Question the doctor. The health provider should provide answers to the observable injury
• Document all doctor conversations
• Sign no documents

Contact a Law Firm for Skilled Legal Assistance
Once you’ve noticed symptoms of birth injuries, questioned your medical provider, and documented all the conversations with your healthcare provider, consider approaching a renowned law firm in Philadelphia like for skilled legal assistance.

Many birth injuries in Philadelphia are directly influenced by unnecessary birth malpractices and hospital practices. Negligent health providers who perform unnecessary cesarean sections increase reproductive damage chances in the mother. Since birth injury lawsuit is a delicate matter, you will need to approach the best law firm. You don’t want to spend your time and resources on a law firm with unskilled birth injury attorneys only to lose the lawsuit. Ask around and do thorough research to ensure that you hire only the best before signing any documents. This way, your law firm of choice will assist you to get justice and make your life and that of your child better.

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