Autumn jackpots in Shangri La casino in Tbilisi

Shangri La gambling house in Tbilisi, operated by Storm International, began a series of autumn drawings to brighten up the saddest time of the year. Jackpot drawings will be held in the slot halls each Wednesday, starting from September 13, 2017.

It is enough to reach 18+ y.o. to become a slot hall visitor in “Shangri La Tbilisi” casino. Dozens of modern slot machines are waiting for participants. There is the jackpot opportunity additional to a win from any slot.

The slot lottery will be held every Wednesday. Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, said the prize fund of each is 4,000 GEL. Additional 500 GEL will be accumulated on the jackpot.

Darren Keane specified, the prize fund split is following:

  • 2 prizes of 250 GEL;
  • 4 prizes of 300 GEL;
  • 2 prizes of 400 GEL;
  • 1 prize in the amount of 500 GEL;
  • 1 prize in the amount of 1000 GEL;
  • and 500 GEL on the jackpot.

The Georgian Shangri La casino unit offers an excellent way to lighten up autumn days. Additional opportunity: every guest’s Wednesday evening lottery ticket will be drawn during Saturday’s toss. In case of Wednesday is not drawn, its amount is not canceled and is added to the jackpot of the next week.