Blake Goldring – A Man With A Magic Wand In The Financial Realms

Donning many hats is not a petty thing and someone like Blake goldring seems to fulfill the responsibilities of multiple roles that he plays which includes that of a – philanthropist, leader and entrepreneur. Being a Canadian, development and growth lie in his genes and Blake focuses upon an inclusive growth for all the sections of the society.

Blake Goldring is M.S.M., LL.D., CFA, which makes him highly viable and capable of thinking in an innovative way in his business approach. This Canadian business tycoon has repeatedly proved his worth by taking some of the boldest business decisions which have been a game changer in establishing him as a successful entrepreneur.

AGF – Whom does it serve?

Blake goldring is the chairman of AGF which is an investment company based in Canada and was established in the year 1957. Under the leadership of Goldring, AGF has been registering high growth with its optimum performance. Goldring is also the founder of Canada Company which has been very instrumental in playing crucial role in voicing the concerns of military families of the country.

AGF being a premier firm serves well all its clients by providing asset management services and containing the losses registered by large number of firms worldwide. Products offered by AGF include harmony, mutual funds and AGF elements and approximately 900 highly skilled professionals who work for the firm.

How AGF has been expanding?

AGF is presently eyeing on acquiring new firms and trying to bring under its coverage the business style which is far different from traditional retail business. AGF aims to transform its niche owing to the changes in financial regulations and investors turning to invest in funds which are cheaper and traded on exchange.

AGF, besides the above segment, will also divest its funds on the following:

  • Small asset business which is growth-oriented
  • Investment in the passenger terminal
  • Expanding the private client business

How Blake Goldring plans to expand AGF?

Boosting the margins of AGF is aimed by Goldring in a span of 5 years. Besides that, company begins to focus upon clients who are individuals and not firms. This all is going to happen by expanding the funding base of AGF through asset management. Company has earned a high reliability and authenticity among its customer base and when it comes to providing services in the diversified products, AGF has been performing well as compared to its counterparts in the area of asset management.

How AGF forays into new business?

Many products of AGF are launched in starting of 2017 including seven funds which has contributed immensely in its growth and attracted major funding. In an environment of exchange traded funds or ETFs in Canada, AGF is expanding with rapid speed though it is quite new in ETF business but still funds are pouring in from all quarters.

Diversification of business operation is essential and AGF under the leadership of Blake Goldring is effectively making its presence felt in the segment where customers are shifting to cheaper financial instruments.