Can Your Business Benefit from Outsourced Call Handling?

Many businesses now outsource their call handling requirements (including message taking, media response, brochure request, etc.) to a local service provider for one or more reasons. There are many benefits afforded to businesses of all sizes for entering such an arrangement, from reducing reliance on fulltime employees and saving money on wages to conveying a more positive and professional impression of their business organisation to callers.

If you’ve considered outsourcing your call handling requirements to a local call centre but have never got around to doing so, read on as this article discusses call handling, the benefits it provides and the types of businesses that can benefit from outsourced call handling.

What is Call Handling?

Call handling is a broad term that can be seen to encompass the following:

  • Inbound and outbound call handling (including overflow call handling)
  • Message taking (during and out of business hours)
  • Media response and brochure request services
  • Holiday and temporary phone line cover

There are many local call centres around the world that offer these services which means wherever your business is located and whatever the products and services you have to offer, you can find a call centre to manage your calls for you. In the UK, Message Direct is a top example of a professional call centre that offers a wide range of call handling and related services, including virtual receptionist services, for businesses of all sizes.

The Benefits of Outsourced Call Handling

Outsourced call handling is well-known for the many benefits that it provides businesses, especially small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here are a few of the many benefits associated with outsourced call handling:

  • No missed telephone calls

A missed phone call is a missed business opportunity, one which could also have the effect of driving business to one of your local competitors. With outsourced call handling and message taking services, your business is empowered to never miss a telephone call from an interested party again.

  • Positive business impression

The manner in which calls to your business are managed is very important because a positive business impression must be conveyed at all times. Call centres provide their employees with ongoing training to ensure they’re able to provide the highest standards of customer service and convey a positive impression on behalf of their clients at all times.

  • Reduced employee expenses

By outsourcing your call handling requirements to an outsourced service provider you can reduce your employee expenses in a number of ways and reduce your reliance on fulltime receptionist staff. Reduced wages, benefits and other expenses are often just the beginning of the savings that businesses enjoy when they outsource call handling and message taking to a local call centre.

  • Extended operating hours

By having your phone lines directed to a call centre, your business can effectively extend its operating hours into the evening, or open up shop early, should you desire. This means you’re able to increase the number of phone calls from potential clients and customers your business receives.

  • Flexible contracts and payments

As call centres cater for many small businesses, they offer flexible contracts and payments so that businesses need only pay for what they need. For example, if your business only requires overflow call handling services for the times when you’re too busy to answer the phone, that’s all that you need to pay for.

These are excellent benefits that would surely interest all businesses, from small businesses catering for local customers to large companies operating nationally or even across international borders. If you’d like to take advantage of benefits like these and many more, read on as in the following section we look at businesses that can benefit by outsourcing their call handling requirements to a local call centre.

Businesses that Can Benefit from Outsourced Call Handling

Most businesses can benefit from outsourcing in one way or another and, rather unsurprisingly, call handling is one of the most commonly outsourced non-core business processes in the current era. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that nearly every business organisation, from small businesses to large companies, can benefit from outsourcing their call handling requirements. Here are a few questions to consider to help you evaluate your business’s need for outsourced call handling services.

  • Is your business frequently unstaffed before or after business hours?

Don’t have a machine answer incoming calls, have an experienced virtual receptionist answer incoming calls in your business name and never miss a sales opportunity ever again. What’s more, you won’t be sending business to your local competitors as a result of not answering the phone.

  • Do you often miss phone calls due to being too busy to answer the phone?

It’s bad enough to miss a call out of business hours, but if someone calls during business hours and you can’t answer the phone, what kind of impression does that convey to the caller? It suffices to say that it isn’t a positive impression, so don’t take any risks by arranging overflow call handling.

  • Are your reception staff members underutilised in the workplace?

Employee expenses are among the greatest business expenses a business has to allocate funds for. If your business’s receptionist staff are underutilised in the workplace, you can use outsourced call handling to reduce your reliance on fulltime employees and save money on wages, benefits, etc.

  • Are you unimpressed with the impression your business conveys over the phone?

Many business owners/managers recognise that the impression their staff convey of the business over the phone isn’t up to scratch. If you recognise that a much more positive impression can be made over the phone, it’s time you outsourced your call handling requirements to a local call centre.

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then your business could benefit from outsourcing its call handling requirements to a call centre, preferably one that’s based locally and has knowledge of the local area, street names, etc. Why not start taking advantage of the many benefits associated with outsourced call handling today?