Cleanroom 101

We specialize in providing services for a cleanroom Los Angeles companies expect. Our cleanroom services support many companies that work in the aerospace, biotech, electronic, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries, and research laboratories. We develop a comprehensive program for our clients, which includes cleanroom uniforms, systems for cleaning, and contamination control.

When choosing cleanroom services Los Angeles companies need to have, here are the most important considerations that are necessary to evaluate, in order to select a company to provide cleanroom services that uses the best industry practices.

Cleanroom Uniforms and Cleaning Processes

The cleanroom uniform requirements and the cleanroom processes must meet the industry quality standards, which include:

  • All clean room garments, from standard “bunny suits” with protective goggles to more complex safety garments, must meet or surpass the ASTM F51-00 – Class A standards requirements.
  • The gowning process is designed so that the cleanroom uniforms fit the employees well and provide the ultimate in comfort for the working environment.
  • Facilities for cleanroom garment processing must have an ISO 9001 certification.
  • Washing of cleanroom garments must occur in ISO 5 – Class 100 certified cleanrooms.
  • Regular and strict quality testing is used to assure that the standards are being met.
  • Consistent innovation and updated protocols are introduced to meet changes in any industry regulations and requirements.

Sterility and Contamination Containment

  • All cleanroom garments needed to be regularly checked to meet sterility requirements for aseptic cleanrooms. Preventing defects is the standard to achieve, rather that detecting defects after they occur. Wear and tear of garments is constantly monitored. Any suspect garments are repaired before further use or discarded.
  • Contamination protocols and procedures need to be in place to immediately respond appropriately to accidents or spills of contaminants.

Operational Requirements

  • Any specific industrial requirements need to be considered and managed properly.
  • Regular delivery schedules are necessary to always have stock on hand of sufficient cleanroom garments, in advance of need, in the proper sizes to adequately meet the workers’ needs.
  • Extra cleanroom garments, in all sizes, need to be available for unscheduled inspections and visits by upper management to the facilities accompanied by customers or guests.
  • Garment stock needs to be constantly rotated and used on a last-in/first-out basis to always utilize the freshest garments.
  • Inventory control is accomplished by validated inventory tracking that integrates with the company resource management network system. This makes inventory reporting in real-time available to upper management as part of the company’s database available 24-7 from any part of the world when the information needs to be accessed by an authorized user of the company.


Compare any existing cleanroom services with this list of the industry best practices. This is the appropriate way to find the high-quality services for a cleanroom Los Angeles companies expect.