Clixsense: What is the daily checklist bonus?

Clixsense has several earning and bonus methods. They offer attractive and reliable bonus to their members. Activity of a members on PTC site is very important, and Clixsense provide offers to their active members.

The daily checklist is a way by which a clixsense member can track his/her daily activity on Clixsense. It is not only track your activity but also a bonus. By checking your activity you will get bonus amount to your balance. And this is the daily checklist bonus.

For completing your Daily Checklist you will get a commission that added to your balance. Daily Checklist bonus has several rate. The rate depends on membership. If you are a premium member then you will get up to 16.0% of your total personal earnings. If you are a standard member then you will get up to 7.0% daily checklist bonus of your total personal earnings.Image result for Clixsense: What is the daily checklist bonus?

The personal Clixsense earning is calculated with your clicks that you have done and it is through all of earning method that Clixsense offers. Like viewing ad, completing surveys etc.

To complete the Daily Checklist you have to:

  • You must click minimum 6 adverts of any type.
  • You have to complete ClixGrid squares. The minimum number require to complete is 20. That means you have to complete minimum 20 ClixGrid squares.
  • You have to complete at least one things from these- You have to complete minimum 10 CrowdFlower Tasks, or finish minimum 2 offers or surveys from the page where offers and surveys contains. Or
  • Visit one page of forum, if you don’t want to post on forum that is okay.

You can get ClixAddon Extra Bonus: if you run ClixAddon at least one hour then you will get extra 1.0% bonus of your total balance and this bonus will directly added to your balance. And you can get extra activity bonus if you complete the daily checklist bonus three days in a row. In order to ensure your work complete the Clixsense authority said that after completing daily checklist, your payment is to be delay or you will get the payment that will added to your account at next day.

So we hope you are ready to complete your clixsense daily checklist activity, and you will earn extra bonus for completing this task on clixsense. Allover things the daily checklist bonus is very attractive and profitable method by way you can earn extra money. The individuals who want to make money online and who want to earn some extra bonus Clixsense is best for them.

And daily checklist bonus is a great offers for Clixsense members. Your activity will give you some cash. What an interesting things it is! So try it for your profit.