Construction, Excavation, and Demolition Products and Services in London, Ontario, Canada

Whether you are planning or are already involved in industrial, commercial, residential or institutional construction, earth work or environmental clean-up projects, you need the right manpower, equipment and materials in order to attain optimum results. Fortunately, there are companies which specialize in providing the best services, equipment and materials for different construction, excavation and demolition projects.

Construction, Excavation, and Demolition Products and Services in London

If you are in London, Ontario, you can find contractors offering quality services, equipment and materials for construction, earth-moving, excavation, grading and demolition projects. Their extensive range of equipment can handle small and large projects. Below are some of the products, services and equipment offered by these companies.


  1. Gravel

These contractors offer reliable gravel delivery to clients in London and the surrounding areas. Some of the gravel materials they supply include:

  1. Granular A: This is a mixture of crushed/round stones and sand. The particle sizes are not larger than one inch. It is the best finishing material for roads, driveways, walkways and parking lots.
  2. Granular B: This is a mixture of round stones and sand with particle sizes up to four inches. It is the best sub-base material that is mainly used as foundation for roads, driveways and parking lots.

III. Recycled Granular: This is comprised of concrete and asphalt, which is crushed to either granular A or B specifications. The material is ideal for use on driveways, roads and parking lots.

  1. Recycled Asphalt: Resembling granular A in size, this material is comprised of reclaimed asphalt, which is processed using a crusher. It can be used on parking lots, roads and driveways.
  2. Stone

They also offer crushed stone, pea stone and round river stone which are used as landscape ground cover, bedding or can be used on driveways or in drainage systems. Others include chip/dust (screenings) and crushed brick.

  1. Sands

If you need sand in London, Ontario, these contractors can help. For instance, they offer sand-fill, bedding sand or brick sand which can be used for back filling, as bedding material or used as the motor mix.

  1. Soil and Mulch

They also offer commercial and residential grade screened top soil, 3-way blend, dyed wood-chips and cedar mulch. All these may be used in gardens or flower beds to enhance soil fertility.


  1. Excavating Services
  2. Sewer and Watermain Services: They can install, repair, and service water pipelines, drainage, and sewer systems.
  3. Parking Lot and Road Construction: They also offer full-service road or parking lot construction.

III. Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Services: They also do the civil works that are associated with construction such as excavation, back-filling of foundations, or granular placement.

The other services they offer include: heavy earth-moving, as well as grading of sites and civil subdivision. They also do environmental cleanups, storm channel or waterway construction and rehabilitation, slope stabilization, gravel pit/quarry rehabilitation, waste disposal and haulage services. Other services include snow plowing, designing and building/demolition of structures.

  1. Aggregates Services

These services include; delivery of materials, crushing, screening, stockpiling and mixing of different types of materials.


The companies also sell, rent out and service different types of equipment. For instance, they normally rent out excavators, wheel loaders, track loaders, multi-terrain loaders, loader backhoes, and graders, dozers, articulated trucks, crushers, and screening plants. They also offer conveyor stackers, Tri-axles, dump trailers, low-boys and beam floats. Others include impact breakers, vibratory packers and trench boxes.

Their equipment services include; onsite and off-site lubrication/oil-change, repair, welding and boring services. Whether you need gravel delivery services or want the best sand in London, Ontario, these contractors can help.