Contentmart review –Get paid to write Content

What is this site all about?

This is an online platform that enables clients to find good writers, who are skilled and who write quality contents which are informative and engaging to the audience. It is a marketplace where all types of writing needs by the clients can be found. Writers can focus and write on blog posts, press releases, product description, advertisements, web content, and various other forms of writing. The clients should remember to write submission dates to avoid delays by the content writers.


On the other hand, writers should be aware that they always need to submit fresh work that is free from plagiarism. The portal in their website checks for unoriginal text and if its originality is 80% less, then the work is automatically rejected and sent back to the writer for revision.

English test is also done to ascertain English level. It will define them in three forms according to marks each writer gets. Are they experienced?  Are they beginners? Are they medium writers?

 Easier Payment

Writers can be paid using a variety of options including credit card, net banking, and direct transfer. The agreed cash given to the writer is deducted from client’s account which is kept safe by contentmart. This is done after the assigned project given to the content writer has been confirmed. Clients should know that all the money is refunded if they are not satisfied.

Simple procedures in account creation

Registration is done by filling some credentials correctly. The writer gives details on languages known, work preference, Bio, education, profile picture and other details that will attract many clients. The information will also help clients make proper choices based on expertise, educational skills and other considerations which the client wishes. The entire process is free, so writers need to worry less about registration fees.

Content Writing Only!

Most freelancing platforms are dealing with other tasks apart from content writing. This platform is different from those platforms because it has only one purpose and that is content writing. This makes the portal to tackle many clients’ needs in writing with no pressure involved and zero complaints by the clients because of the quality service. Therefore, if you have a way with words and are looking for a place where you can monetize your skill, then this is home for you.

Many Clients

This portal never lacks in good projects. By good projects, I mean that you will be rewarded handsomely for taking on and successfully completing those projects. There is never downtime on this site. So I guess no time to hang around because they ought to work. Over 40000 clients are waiting to be served by the content writers.


End Say

This platform is the way to go and accomplish tasks now and in the coming future. Free advice to those many clients is that they should go on and try this portal which has quality work and great features. It has every writing need they want and desire. Freelancer writers will be able to find various writing jobs and therefore make decent incomes.