Design Issues in Selection

Selection is the process of choosing candidates who have been recruited to fill the existing or projected job openings in an organization. This is something that GWC Valves company must do in order to get the best and most qualified candidates to secure a open job position. Selection is not an easy process for human resource managers since there can be design issues in selection. Job-related questions must be asked to each candidate about the job position they are applying for. There are five important steps when it comes to selecting candidates for the job position:3

  • A selection criteria must be developed by the employers and this is usually done by the human resource manager. Here they must specify the selection criteria by clarifying and weighing information related to the job description.
  • A human resource manager is then required to specify musts and wants and weighs the wants. The selection criteria should be divided into two categories, which include musts and wants. Must criteria involve criteria that candidates need in order to be perfect for the job and are absolute. The want criteria represent qualifications that cannot be screened on paper or are not readily measurable and these are highly desirable for the employer but are not critical for the candidate to have. These can include verbal skills or skills that aren’t measurable such as teamwork or leadership.
  • Develop an evaluation form is the third step which is when the must and wants are done and now you want to get to know the candidate a little more to see if they are a good fit for the position.
  • The fourth step involves developing interview questions to ask all of the candidates and these need to all be the same. Job knowledge questions and worker requirement questions get asked during the interview including
  • The final step involves developing candidate specific questions, which include a few open-ended questions or job-related to their previous experience in the workforce.