Escaping the Clutches of Resume Screening Systems

There is nothing as bad in the employment industry as a resume screening system. These are systems that were introduced in the early 2000s to browse through the thousands of applicants, giving the job managers an easier time when it comes to choosing prospective employees. This is what most people usually encounter when they fill in online application forms or upload their resumes through the company website. On the part of the human resource department, this system is a heaven sent since it cuts down their workload by over 75%. However, on the side of the prospective employees, it is nothing short of a harsh nightmare. Unlike humans, who can look at a resume in its full potential and decide whether you are qualified or not, the system simply steals your opportunity because of a minor and negligible mistake.

But worry not, here we will take the time to explain to you some ways in which you can beat the system to ensure that your resume actually gets viewed by a human being that can assess you on your merits and demerits and offer a fair judgment.modern

Before we get started, you may look for a functional executive resume template that fits your needs.

  1. File Formats

Yes, you read that right. It can be as simple as submitting the resume in the right file format. The screening system may be adapted to reading only some specific file formats. Most of the time, it is usually word documents. A good way to go around this would be to ensure that the document you submit for checking is in this format. There are always some possible extensions added on the edge of the submit button or within the instructions. Things like PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT and many others. We offer all the best resume templates for Microsoft Word that are more than guaranteed to be opened successfully by the system, so a word professional resume template is the way to go.

  1. Keywords change everything

Do you know that with just one or two words missing from your resume then it will probably end up in the deleted or rejected pile? Yes, this is an actual thing. What you need to know is that this is a computer system that is trained to look for specific things. If it finds them, then it approves if not, then it rejects. This is why you need to include keywords within your resume. These can easily be found by going over the job application. You can find some of them under the requirements, then phrase your resume in their words.

  1. Stay Away

It is as simple as that. You can go through the process of applying online, then take the extra step of doing some research. Find the name of a person within the organization that is relevant to the job that you are applying for and mail them your letter. It is not advisable to go for the email way since there it a possibility that your resume could be spammed or lost in the hundreds that come in every day.

There is also a possibility that this may annoy the powers that be, but more often than not you will find that one HR personnel or hiring manager that appreciates creativity and an extra step and they will give your resume the attention that it requires.

The systems are trouble for those that do not understand them. But we do, and our professional resume templates will give you all that you need to beat them if completely avoiding them is out of thequestion.