From Experience: Herman Tumurcuoglu

Online reputation management is among the many discussed fields in tech and business recently. Herman Tumurcuoglu is a pioneer of the web search industry and has been contributing to the industry’s development since it started. After co-founding, one of the first search engines before Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Tumurcuoglu went into personal ORM consulting. In his consulting career, he came across a variety of cases and ORM situations. Each was unique and each led him to understanding how he could improve his online reputation management strategy.

The number one takeaway that Tumurcuoglu expresses in his article is that your ethics matter. Most problem in business arise when people are not transparent about their goals and intentions. From an ORM perspective, it is important that firms are transparent about their capability to take on a new clients and new challenges. For every ORM case, there is a different recipes that is needed. Often times the strategy remains the same but there are slight variations that could make or break the contract.

Other times, the strategy is dramatically different. For more information on Herman, visit the link provided above. He divulges some of his newest tips for online reputation management success. These tips and tricks have never been mentioned before in the industry and can really help other ORM managers and businesses that internalize their ORM process.