Great Opportunities for the Perfect Postage Now

Different parcel service providers offer different services. Apart from price differences, the way delivery is different: Some companies try to serve only once, while others come up to three times before they redirect the package to a store or shop for collection or, if necessary, to the sender send back.

Different prices may result, in particular, due to the size or weight of the package. If you know the dimensions of your parcel / parcel, you can check the prices and delivery / delivery conditions in advance on the respective websites of the parcel service. The cheap international courier services are effective now for you now.

If you want to make sure your parcel or parcel arrives at a specific time, remember to ship it on time. The parcel service providers sometimes specify different standard delivery times. These can be researched in advance via the corresponding Internet pages.

The right packaging

Each package has a long and grueling journey ahead of it: it is transported by truck, runs through hundreds of meters of conveyor technology and slides, before it is loaded into a delivery vehicle and finally delivered to you. The best Postage to Spain option is now best with the support of the technology now.

The parcel service usually point out that the package must also cope with a fall from 80 cm up to one meter in height. Accordingly, therefore, the packaging is to choose. You should choose the smallest possible packaging size for your goods, so that the content cannot slip back and forth in the package. It is important that at the same time enough space for upholstery remains. 5 cm edge upholstered with suitable material should be sufficient here. For sensitive goods, it is not recommended to use newsprint that falls in the fall. Suitable materials may be, for example, bubble wrap (bubble wrap) as well as packaging chips.

  • The use of the smallest possible package is also recommended for cost reasons: The shipping costs to be paid are often based on its external dimensions.

In certain cases it is not advisable to return the goods in the original box. Electrical appliances such as televisions, but also household appliances (vacuum cleaners, microwaves) are often transported by so-called pallet shipping. In this case, the packages are currently not automatically sorted by conveyor belts. The packaging is therefore much less strained. A normal parcel delivery, the packaging is often not enough. To avoid annoyance, you should use a suitable outer packaging and padding material in addition to the original box.

What to do if damaged?

Packages are insured against damage and loss. The maximum limit differs slightly among the various parcel service providers. Mostly amounts are between 500 and 750 euros. Please note that insurance coverage for parcels differs considerably more: Depending on the parcel service provider, parcels are not insured or only insured at a low level.