How to Attract New Customers with Your Explainer Video


Pick a topic – any topic – and do a search on the internet. Chances are good – very good – that you’ll find plenty of words talking about the topic. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with information. But static blocks of text, with a few pictures thrown in, aren’t going to cut it when you’re competing with other businesses to attract and convert customers.

That’s because we’re genetically predisposed to detect and be caught up by moving images. Think about the internet for a minute – is it surprising, after all, that YouTube is consistently one of the most highly visited website, and the default search engine for many consumers? The lesson is obvious – if you want to catch people’s attention and get them to engage with your website, you need video. And you shouldn’t settle for just any videos, but choose videos with plenty of engaging movement. That’s where explainer videos enter the picture. They’re the logical format of video animation for business.

The best video animation for business – the explainer video

Explainer videos incorporate images, text, and narration in a compelling format that relies on motion to drive home the information you want to present in an entertaining format. A well-constructed explainer video will follow the essential storytelling elements of who, what, and why to explain what your business is about and what distinguishes your offerings to potential customers. Let’s examine how the elements that make up explainer videos will help you attract new customers.

Explainer videos capture your customers with entertaining and informing motionfff

A video animation for business must immediately capture the attention of your potential customers, and they do it with motion. Imagine static bullet points that describe what your business does. Now animate those bullet points you’ve made an impression that’ll catch the eye of your potential customers. Likewise, take a static pie chart or graph. Animate it, and you’ve created something compelling. The explainer model of video animation for business can take the important information you want to present about your company and turn it into something that’s not only informative but entertaining as well.

You can create an emotional response with explainer videos

Your goal with an explainer video is to do more than just inform. A well-constructed explainer video can elicit an emotional response from your viewers as well. Remember, a video animation for business isn’t just about the basics of what your company does. It should also strive to present heartfelt and entertaining info about who and what your company is about. Customers have many choices today – to distinguish yourself you need to let people understand the satisfaction and joy you experience in serving their needs.  

Explainer videos are easily sharedfff

So much of the news and other media we consume on a daily basis is shared with us via social media outlets. And a great deal of that sharing is done in the form of videos. When considering video animation for business, you need to think about how effective and how easily shared the information you want to present is. Explainer videos are one of the best formats for sharing via social media. The motion-based underpinnings of the format will serve to capture the eye of potential viewers. And it’s easy to close-caption the narration of the video so that viewers don’t have to take the extra step of turning on the sound to hear the words accompanying your visual message.  Take advantage of the possibilities of viral sharing and position your explainer video prominently on your home page, with a prominent “share” button right next to it.

Embrace the explainer video

Is a video animation for business the way you should go? No doubt about it, the answer is a solid “yes.” Explainer videos can take the nuts of bolts of your business – why you exist, and why you’ll make life better for your customers – and put this information into an entertaining format that will create an indelible impression on your viewers. Don’t hesitate – put together your ideas and work with a video production team to create an explainer video that will attract, convert, and retain customers. Your business and your new customers will thank you!