How to Know You are Safe with an Uber Driver

So you are getting a ride with an Uber driver. Even if it is not your first ride, you want to know you are safe. At not only can you find tips to keeping safe, but also to choosing the right driver for your commuter needs. Before you hop in, there are a few tips you should be aware of to ensure optimal safety for each ride. These are a few basic tips to keep in mind. 

1. Use your ETA feature – 
Before you get in the Uber vehicle, after booking the ride, you have a feature that allows you to input your ETA and share it. So you can share the information with family, a spouse, or friends to let them know when you should arrive (window of time). If you aren’t there, they should receive an alert (traffic or other route detour). This not only gives you the peace of mind in knowing when you will reach your destination, but also that others are aware of this. So if something isn’t right, they can call you or the police if they are afraid of potential danger. 

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2. Only go with an ordered vehicle – 
Even if it is a fully licensed and marked Uber vehicle, if you didn’t order it, do not get it. Even if the driver seems safe, and tells you that a client just cancelled or if you are running late, it is best to hire another car and wait it out. It is just smart practice to know who you are getting into a vehicle with. And, although background checks are run on all drivers, you simply never know when something can go wrong. You minimize this potential when you only get into an Uber car that you called and hired. 

3. Know your driver – 
At the time of booking your ride, you can view your driver’s profile. You are in charge of selecting who will pick you up. You select the car, the area, the location for pick up. If you don’t feel comfortable when they arrive, if you don’t see a bio pick on their profile, or if anything else seems of, you aren’t required to get in. Make sure you know who will be driving you, and that you know exactly which individual is going to be driving you to and from the destinations you choose for pick up. You are paying for the service, so you only have to use it if you feel comfortable and safe with the driver. 

With tens of thousands of Uber riders daily, you know you are dealing with a reputable company; this however doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong and that safety is not a concern. It is. For this reason it is important to do your research and know what resources are available to you as a customer. These are a few ways to stay safe and know you are in good hands, the next time you hire an Uber, and need a ride to any destination you are going to.