How to Start E-Commerce Business without Spending a Dollar

I had always wanted to start an online business. The problem was, I had just graduated and didn’t have the money or job to raise the capital. Worse off I couldn’t quite secure a loan from any financial institution. I was at a fix. I almost gave up but thanks to a pal’s advice I was able to start my online business without spending a dollar.

I know it really seems so impossible to do. Well, that’s the fun part. Many people have been made to believe that you have to spend so much to have functioning E-Commerce business. As it turns out there are a number of ways through which you could build one from scratch. All it takes is choosing the right option to go with such as.


If your business idea must use money try crowd funding. Crowd funding websites will allow you to float your idea to the public website platforms. The members of this portal are usually willing to contribute financially to your kitty and help you to start up your business – in case they love your idea. It is therefore upon you to convince them that your idea is viable and that it will help you to change the world.

Drop Shipping

Dropshipping businesses are also online based. What makes drop shipping really ideal is the fact that it requires no money. As a drop shipper you will create an e-commerce website and use it to link up the sellers to the buyers. You therefore become the go-between. In a simple language you become the broker. Professionally, drop shippers hold escrow until the business is done before they can release it out.

Do a Pre-Sale

Contrary to what many people believe that you have to do market research, feasibility study, and such, the truth is that if you are out to build specific products for online business, you don’t have to go through all this trouble. You can always do a pre-sale. Pre-sale is a powerful strategy that ensures if there is a real demand for your product. It also helps to minimize any financial risks and save you from losses.

Create a Product

Creating your own product prevents you from buying from suppliers and selling out. In short you can start building or crating your product when you have a customer. This really works so well if you use it with pre-sales. The thing is that you will realize that when you have the money from your buyers you can round out the materials and build a product to sell. You might require a refund policy to thrive too.


For many people, starting an e-commerce business with no money in the pocket seem more like a dream than a reality. Well Many people have done it today. However, the one thing it requires is making the right choices to go with especially when starting. This is really important and the greatest determinant.