How you can ‘be something more’ in business

People who know Chris Niarchos, Appco founder and chairman, will be familiar with the phrase ‘be something more’. This is a motto that has helped to shape the entrepreneur’s approach to business and to life on a more general level. In this blog, we examine where the slogan came from and how you can take inspiration from it to achieve more in your career.

Much more than a corporate slogan

Chris, who is sometimes referred to as Christos Niarchos, has adopted ‘be something more’ as his company’s motto, but the phrase is much more than simply a corporate slogan to him. He first came across the phrase as a youngster when his mother bought him a poster displaying it. He put the poster on his bedroom wall, and it stayed there until he grew older and moved out of the family home.

According to the businessman, the saying echoed his parents’ approach to life. To them, it didn’t matter who someone was or what they did for a living. What really mattered was that they strived to achieve something with their lives and they weren’t satisfied with simply going through the motions.

This principle is one that Chris has put into practice throughout his entire career and it has no doubt played a big part in helping him to get to where he is now. He has always endeavoured to fulfil his potential and to help the people around him to do the same.

Applying this principle yourself

You can take inspiration from Chris Niarchos’ company motto ‘be something more’ yourself. In essence, this is about applying yourself and doing the best you possibly can. It’s about not being fazed by challenges, but instead rising to meet them and learning and growing as a result of them. It’s also about putting in maximum effort and resisting the temptation to rest on your laurels.

There’s no denying the fact that achieving lasting success in business can be a major challenge, but if you live by this principle on a daily basis, you should stand a better chance of reaching your goals. It can help to focus your sense of ambition and give you added motivation.

It may spur you on to achieve a whole range of things outside of work too. From contributing to charitable causes to honing your skills at your favourite sports, being something more is an idea that can be applied to all areas of life.