Importance of Digital Media in Today’s Society

Communication is the most valuable basis of today’s society. Unlike in the past, communicating with the others has become easier nowadays simply because the digital media permits it. Communication does not only refer to socializing. Finding the information one needs in the shortest time possible can be done with the help of digital media. This way it can be easy to stay well-versed about things that otherwise people would not be able to find out because of several impairments, like for example the distance.

Joseph Cianciotto, an Executive Creative Director of Translation LLC and Chief Digital Officer of DDB NY has vast experience in the digital media. He says that the digital media has been able to change the concept of advertising, marketing, and the way information is displayed and retrieved. In fact the union of the internet along with digital media has created a new world of fiction. Its increasing importance can be seen by the fact that a large number of students are joining the certificate courses in 3D animation, web designing, and film production.Image result for Importance of Digital Media in Today’s Society

The rapid growth and popularity of digital media is going very much against the conventional methods of marketing and advertising. Besides, digital news media is very powerful, flexible, convenient to access, and inexpensive. Websites are working just like your own virtual showroom on the internet, where you can showcase all your products and services more skillfully and in much smart ways. In no time, your website can be accessed from the other parts of the world as any people can gain access to your website irrespective of the time or location. The enormous advantages of online media are attracting both the businesses and clienteles. It is not strange to note many well-known companies are turning towards digital media for making their existence known to customers across the world. The role of traditional media is fading quite quickly.

Joseph served as an executive creative director and chief digital officer of DDB NY for almost eleven years. Apart from having expertise in digital media, he has extraordinary skills in creative strategy, digital strategy, interactive marketing, brand development, advertising, interactive advertising, social media marketing etc. He obtained his degree in Visual Communications from Carnegie Mellon University. At present, he resides in Long Island, New York with his wife Jen and daughters Hannah and Sophie. Prior joining DDB, he has worked as an associate creative director at Publicis for more than six years. He has worked with numerous major Fortune 500 brands and gained almost all major awards in the advertisement industry throughout his career.

Joe Cianciotto says that the digital media marketing will be more beneficial and productive if prudently and rationally planned and presented to the customers. The use of audio-visual displays, graphics, animated or impressive text, etc. definitely do a great job to entice and encourage potential customers towards your targeted aim.

Thus, it can be said that the importance of digital media in today’s society is something that cannot be denied.