Lady Neuberger Stirs the Hornet’s Nest with her Provocative Tweet Posts  

The Brexit plans of the Government ran into troubled waters following the ruling of High Court in early November. Theresa May now needs a Parliament vote in favour before she can invoke formal proceedings for Brexit through Article 50. The government hopes to overturn the ruling through Supreme Court appeal.

Things turned murkier when Lady Neuberger the wife of Supreme Court President made a series of tweets expressing her anti-Brexit sentiments. Now Conservative pro-Brexit MPs believe that the ruling by the President of Supreme Court Lord Neuberger might be tainted by his wife’s leanings.Image result for Lady Neuberger Stirs the Hornet’s Nest with her Provocative Tweet Posts

Ace journalist Chris Roycroft Davis also expressed similar sentiments recently. He considers that what started out as the Project Fear post Brexit vote is now turns into the Project Farce.

While no one is expressly suggesting a partial and biased verdict from Mr Neuberger and his yet unelected 11 colleagues of the Supreme Court, speculations have started. When ruling on whether poll is needed for triggering Brexit, will the honourable judge remain unaffected by his wife’s views?

Lady N plainly communicates her anti-Brexit views on Twitter. She feels that the referendum caters to a select group and criticised BBC impartiality rules. She declared the referendum dangerous because it makes light of complex issues reducing them to a matter of just No or Yes. According to her, the Leave Campaign misled the voters and that just 0.08% created this mess. Finally, she summed everything in her Tweet in October,

“So many lies, so much ignorance”

All this makes public disquiet to grow. They feel that some interest groups are trying to thwart people’s will. Those with power within the establishment are trying to block, delay, and overturn Brexit. Even the Supreme Court Deputy President Baroness Hale raises the possibility that one might need to repeal the act of European Communities before the process might start.

Can a judge stand in way of a decision made by Tory MPs numbering 60 and millions of votes in its favour? Will it not be an affront to the democratic process sparking unending political turmoil?  Should superior education, rank, privilege, and wealth make opinions more rational than those of other citizens are? Lady N’s tweets betray lack of impartiality and wisdom. One does not criticise the political ideals but there always is the time to remain silent especially when the other half is in the process of making a legal decision of the century even as millions watch.

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