Law Enforcement Body Camera

Body Cameras for Law Enforcement

The X-Surveillance DS300 is a PTT-Handheld body camera that doubles as a PTT-Handheld speaker/microphone. The built in camera, speaker and microphone are incorporated in one device. This means there is no need to add additional equipment to the already heavy uniforms, unlike some of the more traditional safety equipments.

X-Surveillance DS300 the ultimate body camera for law enforcement officers. This unique body camera, the X-Surveillance DS300, is a combination of a PTT-Handheld Speaker/Mic. with a high-end full-HD and night vision body camera.

The body camera is easy to use with the already familiar talk button on one side and the record button on the other side. It can replace existing PTT-Handheld microphones, such as Kenwood, Motorola and others.

This law enforcement body camera has an automatic IR for filming in total darkness, including GPS capabilities with an officer ID and date/time stamp.

And all camera recordings are password protected file access, with 32GB of memory. And can be viewed 1.5″ monitor for instant playback of recorded events.

An important requirement for law enforcement officers, this body camera is drop, shock and water resistant.

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Law Enforcement Body Cameras

The team of X-Surveillance, together with partners throughout the world, have designed the DS300 for over two years with the mission to develop a non-provocative, civilian-friendly law enforcement body camera that can be used on the chest or on the shoulder of the police officer without the need to add additional equipment to the already busy equipped uniform of a law enforcement officer.

Current PTT microphones are located at the perfect height for camera recordings. The X-Surveillance DS300 body camera replaces existing PTT Mic. without any hassle, easy to use with the already familiar talk button on one side and the record button on the other.

Easy Law Enforcement Body Camera

And in situations of stress, the X-Surveillance DS300 allows for a quick and easy way to record and manage the event through its simple functionality using the Push-To-Talk design as functionality, with on one side Push-To-Talk and the other side Push-To-Record. Easy, simple and safe.

This law enforcement body camera isn’t just like all other body cameras. It is designed to prevent situations and provide valuable evidence and made to provide more security and safety without the hassle of additional equipment, privacy discussions or difficult usabilities.

An interesting detail is that the body camera is data protection regulations compliant, and only accessible by an officer and control center software .And comes standard with automatic turn-off of the display to extend battery life, push-to-talk functionality is operational whilst the recordings are disabled, flashlight is included for local inspections with modular clip/holder, and so on.

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