Most Popular Modes of Transportation for Morning Commuters in Chicago

Chicago is the largest city of US. Its transportation system is very complex with number of services provided to people to travel around the city, or to travel to another city. There are buses, rail services, taxis, private cars, port services, ferries, aerial tramway and finally pedestrian and bicycle. All these ways of transportation are fully developed with specific routes for every mode of travelling. Every part of the city is accessible by at least one kind of transportation system.

Rail service is the most prominent way of transportation used by the people of Chicago, as it is the oldest public transportation service and over the time it had improved greatly, maintaining its standard and comfort. Chicago City has the largest transit system in the world, and the second oldest subway system in the US. The subways provide 24 hours service, as many people are dependent upon it. In early morning these stations face the rush hour, with people hurrying to their offices using these trains and in evening the people use them to go to shopping malls etc. The subway system runs throughout the city.

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Auto transport services can be offered differently as per the requirement of the customers. There are different types of shipment available in the market that includes air, road, rail and water modes. The most popular types of transit are enclosed and open modes. Enclosed vehicle transport is a type of service where the vehicles will be carried over more safely and closely to protect the auto or car against damages. It is one of the popular modes and almost every individual will prefer to make use of the service promptly. The open car shipping is the other type of service offered throughout the world. Here, the cars will be carried in openly, but still full safety and security is provided for the goods. The type of transit can be determined based upon the size of the automobile and the distance over which it is carried. The enclosed mode of moving is expensive than open mode of shipment.

Commuter rail system of Chicago is the most extensive system of US, connecting to 250 stations, with 20 rail lines, that provide transportation to over 150 million commuters. The MTA operates the Long Island Rail Road on Long Island and the Metro-North Railroad in the Hudson Valley and Connecticut, and on the New Jersey side, New Jersey Transit system is present. These systems converge to the two busiest train station of the United States, namely Penn station and Grand Central Terminal. Intercity train service from Chicago City is provided by Amtrak. There are 54 trains that run daily on the busiest route of the city. It has been seen that people prefer this system over air transport as it’s cheap and much faster and provides excellent service. This service connects to many cities namely, Toronto, Montreal in Canada, Miami, Washington DC, Chicago, New Orleans, Albany, Baltimore, Boston, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Providence etc.