Must have plugins to super boost your SEO Efforts for your WordPress Site

WordPress is well known for being the most SEO friendly CMS amongst all. Even though there are thousands of plugins available in WordPress plugin directory, just few plugins are enough to do the magic and boost your website’s SEO.

Below are some WordPress plugins that can help your website step up SEO efforts. Although implementing these plugins won’t spike up your ranking but they will contribute to overall efforts.

SEO Plugin: That’s an obvious choice to make when you think of implementing SEO. WordPress is user friendly when it comes to customization. But to implement SEO changes manually to backend like shuffling down header links, compressing code, removing extra comments  etc. can create troubles, even for developers.

To determine SEO modifications, implement various changes and use additional features (which requires additional plugins to install), SEO plugin is essential. It lets webmaster make changes without getting into coding pond.

Some of the SEO plugins are Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack, which are Freemium in use.

Broken Link Checker: As website content reaches to medium or high mode, keeping track of elements becomes hard. Elements such as pages, posts, media, broken links, custom fields will eventually become hard/time consuming to track.

A Broken link checker plugin is an essential utility which saves time and efforts by automating the process.

It lets you focus on what’s essential for you the most, like creating content, managing sales, updating inventory etc.

Catching up with broken links will help deviate link juices to relevant locations and decrease dead ends (404 pages) for crawl bots.

Social Sharing Plugin: Everyone knows importance of social media. Driving traffic from social media is crucial, even though it is a no-follow. Search engines rank a website on the basis of social signals also, primarily factors be no. of followers, likes, shares, reshares etc.

WordPress social sharing plugin helps contributing to one of primary factors, i.e. shares. It helps visitor share a content on its social media profile.

Pain of copying a link or image is gone now.

Sharing on social media helps increasing reach of a content and if it gets reshared, reachability increases.

Chances are that shares and reshares can convert into a follower or a visit.

Related post plugin: Related post is a secret weapon for bloggers. Quality posts tagged with related posts definately get on visitor’s nerves which keep them engaged.  More the visitors are engaged to your website, less be the bounce rates. Less bounce rates are a positive signal to search engines and is one of many factors for ranking in SERPS.

Plugins like Manual Related Posts, Related Posts, Relevant will get the job done for you.

It’s a personal choice to show related posts in between the content or at the ending of content. Just juggle around some variations to identify the best way.

Although there are lots of plugins available, these are some of the suggestions. It’s a good practice to always explore new alternatives and search for something new but it is not suggested to over do things and make things stuck in midways.