Operators leading to increased assets

Forex is a market where currencies are needed. But why is the need for such trading. The answer to this would lead us to believe that since we are move towards to 21st century we are getting more dependent upon other countries for our products. Hence these transactions are not possible until we have a common exchange system. For this we have Bit Monsters at our steps that help us ensure security of our assets. They allow us with selling, buying and exchanging the currencies. And along with all these it helps us generate profits from the amount that we deposit with varied investment plans available with them. So this finally helps us increase our assets.

The withdrawal plan

These give you a scope of withdrawal too where you can earn efficiently i.e. they have such withdrawal strategy that would help you earn a bonus of up to one percent. But the condition for this is that the minimum withdrawal amount should be 0.1 Bitcoins.  bit-monster.com  provides its users with four frames which are as follows:

  • Total amount – This is the amount that you had deposited till the date of the withdrawal along with that it includes the profits you had received from the account. But one should keep in mind that it doesn’t lead to generation of any daily interest.
  • Deposit (with no withdrawal penalty) – If the money deposited by you had passed on thirty days then you can easily withdraw money without paying a penalty over your withdrawal.
  • Deposit (with withdrawal penalty) – If the amount deposited has not yet passed over a period of thirty days then you are subjected to pay a penalty of forty percent on the amount.
  • Profit – It includes the various bonuses that you have received till date.