Pontoon Boat Safety Tips

As the last of winter disappears, summer beckons and that means a lot of time outdoors. If you plan to take your family or friends out for a pontoon boat ride, it is time you inspected it to ensure it is safe. As you check out with the people close to you, you need to checkout and implement some pontoon boat safety tips. The following are tips to follow to ensure safety is maximized.

Do not overload

Every boat has a capacity limit. Do not be tempted to exceed the number of people allowed on the boat at a time. Exceeding the limit increases the possibility of your boat sinking. Note that overloading can be caused by people and equipment you may carry.

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Life jackets

Life jackets are a must have for any boat ride. You should have enough life jackets or flotation devices for all the passengers. The devices are helpful in case some of the passengers are unable to swim. The jackets may be useless unless the passengers know how to wear them. So ensure everyone knows how to wear the jacket before starting the journey. Life jackets should be worn in unfamiliar waters or windy conditions.

Brief the passengers

Gather the passengers together before getting started and brief them on what to expect once you are on the water and how to respond to each situation. This briefing helps them relax and not to panic in case something happens. When people panic they can react and make the situation worse. Passengers taking their first trip will benefit from knowing about pontoon boat safety tips.

Carry a first aid kit

Even with the best care, accidents may still happen. If an accident happens while you are away from shore, the injured person needs to be attended quickly. Having a first aid kit on board will help in such a situation.

Passengers remain in their seats

Unlike in other boats, passengers standing in a pontoon boat can be thrown easily into the water if the boat takes a sudden turn. If you have children on board, assign an adult to watch over them and ensure they remain seated.

Monitor the weather

Before starting on your trip, monitor the weather patterns. Any reports about the weather may help you know what you might encounter during the trip. If rough weather is predicted, it is better to postpone the trip.

Look out for other vessels

Other people will be out on their boats too. Many boat accidents occur when the vessels crash into each other. You need to move at low speed and watch out for other boats whose handlers may not be very careful.

As people make plans to enjoy summer rides on water, it is important to consider and know about pontoon boat safety.  Pontoon boats are used by individuals who want to have some fun. Various issues should be considered regarding safety in a pontoon boat. Every boat must have safety jackets for each passenger, especially when riding in unfamiliar waters or windy conditions.