QR codes simply explained

Where to start? QR codes are all over the place. They are similar to the ones above and you see them on goods and packaging everywhere. They may be a simple black and white pattern, a colourful square, or contained within a frame that is used to attract attention – called a call-to-action to get your QR code noticed. You’ll see them on packaging at McDonalds, your local car showroom and all points in between. More and more businesses are using them to create simple links to information, competitions, videos, websites and audio files on your smart device. All you have to do is scan them with a free QR code reader from your App Store to follow the link. Their uses are as varied as the imaginations of the people creating them. And that does not have to be an expert.

qr code

To create your own QR code you will first need to find a website that provides the tools you need and allows you the options of a simple black & white QR code or something more appealing and dynamic. A website such as QRcrazy will give you everything needed to take you from beginner to proficient user in a remarkably short space of time.  You will need to be careful about websites that offer a free black & white QR code that is ‘static’ as this limits the amount of information that can be held on the face of the QR code. When you pay a little extra your QR code will link to your information held on a secure server and is often reusable. A free static QR code is a one-use alternative. By opting for a dynamic QR code you will also have a number of designer tools available to you to change and edit the QR code you produce.

You can even add a photo or logo to really personalize your QR code. If it’s starting to sound complicated it really isn’t. A reputable site will give you lots of ideas for using QR codes and guide you through the process of creating them. All you need to do is be patient and use your creativity to make an original QR code you can be proud of. Before you start, consider what information you want your QR code to carry and where you would like it to be displayed. You may be a business user with all the demands of promotion and advertising, looking for an economical solution to an ever-changing market. Or maybe you’re a social media follower happy at finding a new way of amazing friends – and sometimes a mix of both. Whatever way you work with your newly found skills remember that your QR code will need to attract attention.  Use a bright, colourful design or make use of the free eye-catching frames that make your QR code unique and something you’ll be happy to use in promoting you or your business.