SEO strategies that help Lead Generation

The ultimate purpose of any SEO strategy is to provide more visibility for your website or blog in search engines, however, this is not the only reason to implement an SEO strategy, businesses are also using it as a way to grow business and increase brand recognition. Using your SEO strategy to boost lead generation is not only a common practice but a few days after implementation you can begin to see the results of your efforts. This article was written to help businesses identify the importance of implementing an SEO strategy and how it can help to generate amazing leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In other to discover how SEO can help businesses with lead generations we first have to define SEO. Search Engine Land describes SEO as “the process of getting traffic from Free, Organic, Natural or editorial search on search engines”. For popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to display search results when prompted they need to rank web pages according to the relevance of the content on the site, the authority of the sites linking back to the website and more. In relation to lead generation, SEO on its own is not a lead generation strategy but you can only seal the deal when you combine your SEO efforts with another related marketing strategy.

Lead Generation

Hotspot defines Lead Generation as “the process of attracting and convincing strangers and prospects into a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service in some way, shape or form”.  Lead generation happens after you have used SE to attract audiences that are ready to be converted into leads, generating leads is an essential part within the journey to becoming a customer and should no be underestimated. There are various ways that a lead can show interest in your business and by default become a lead. The most common way to generate leads to by looking for the people that show interest in any one the content that you have released online and then try to find as much information on them as possible, this way you get to find out if they are actually interested in a product or service that you are offering or if they are just interested in your content.


SEO and Lead Generation

SEO has gone as far as being described as “the most important tool in Lead Generation” when it comes to organic lead generation. SEO has the ability to increase your audience reach which is the first goal of SEO. The first step in using SEO to boost lead generation is to get your brand name, message, services and products out in front of people, not only does this help with getting your business name out to customers it also helps google understand the many different types of audiences that you van help with your products or services. For example a company that offers Financial Marketing services can use SEO to help google understand that they also offer other services related to financial marketing like Equity release. This way the company is reaching a variety of audience that are interested in a different aspect of their services.

It is worth mentioning that these are just the basics when it comes to using SEO for lead generation purposes, the more you do it the more you learn and after you have implemented the basics you can then try to implement more advanced strategies.