Smart Tips to Plan a Richer Retirement

 Almost every one of us dreams a lavish retirement; however, numerous people feel unhappy when they arrive at retirement age as they did not have their income what they wanted it to be. Putting something aside for prime of life has become an inevitable necessity in today’s stark reality. Planning for the future and reviewing that plan will let you reap financially secure retirement.

If you want to secure your future and have a richer retirement, then here are some smart tips for retirement planning:

Start at an early age

Putting money aside for old age from a very young age is always a smart idea. How much you save is significantly dependant on when you begin. Furthermore, consistency is crucial. Every breadwinner may find it more or less hard or painful at first, but once it becomes a habit; he or she will surely enjoy big dividends down the road.Image result for Plan a Richer Retirement in india

Figure out how much you are likely to need in retirement

This might sound hard, but is it an important step. You can develop your checklist that will help you start your retirement plan. Think about everything including medical expenses, home, vehicle, education expenses, liabilities, etc.

Where will it come from?

Now, when you have an idea about your need in retirement, the next step is to determine the resources. Nowadays, it is tough to rely on a single source of money in retirement.

Have a look at the most common income sources:

  • Private/ work Pension
  • Continue Working
  • Investments and savings
  • Property

Remember, there is no perfect answer how one will develop pillars of a comfortable retirement. One needs to work out on one’s own to come up with the best possible combination of different sources and opportunities. There are endless combinations. You need to formulate a plan that works for you.

Investment or Savings

Do you think they are one and same? If yes, think again. When we hear the word savings, most of us think of bank accounts with annual interest. However, it is difficult to keep pace with inflation, and your earning is losing value year by year.

On the other hand, investment means to put your money where it can grow at a faster rate. Think about investments that will give the best returns. Invest it smartly in building your fund.

A recipe of a prosperous retirement is easy if you recognize a simple distinction. The strategy for income now and growth for future are likely to have a difference. Before retirement, anything you do investment wise, building the largest possible retirement fund should be your focus. After retirement, taking the biggest possible income from that fund is what you need to focus. You need to appreciate the distinction.

Review your plan

Your road map to a richer retirement is ready now. But a periodic review is necessary to ensure where you are.

Life changes are inevitable like health, jobs, family, opportunities and location. Therefore, you need to review and rebalance your plan. This will help you adjust and get back on track in case of any changes.

Retirement planning is an essential aspect today. Plan well and make it exciting and ultimately rewarding.  Best of luck!