Three Things you Should Know about Tattoo Removal

To many Americans who have ever had a tattoo, they have one thing in common, regrets. Some people may be new to the tattoo industry and have not reached the regret phase but trust me it’s coming sooner or later. When people reach this stage, there is only one thing left for them, remove the tattoo or face embarrassment for life. However, with good advice, it’s possible to go through this phase without much difficulty. What’s better is that there are modern techniques of removing tattoos that are simpler and less painful. However, there is no guarantee that the tattoo will be removed completely. If you are thinking about removing your tattoo, here is one or two things that you should know about the process. 

Prepare for anything
If you have ever talked to a tattoo removal expert, they will tell you that the experience of tattoo removal differs from one person to the other. An expert will also tell you that the removal is not guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with one expert, you can talk with two or three, but you will be surprised that their advice will be the same. Tattoo removal experts will tell you that the tattoo will only fade after several treatments. In some cases, the process may leave a permanent scar or even a ghost image. Ask yourself whether you want a cover-up or a permanent removal.

One treatment is not enough 
Another thing you should know about tattoo removal is that one treatment will not work. NewWave experts will tell you that you cannot determine the number of treatments you will require during the consultation phase. The number treatments are determined by the progress you make after several treatments. Experts that tell you that six to 10 treatments will work are probably enticing you to hire their services. Another thing you should be aware of is the time factor between treatments. Ensure that there is a considerable gap between the treatments to prevent opening wounds or even skin irritation. Many experts will tell you that the most reasonable time between treatments should be eight weeks. 

Location of your tattoo matters
You may have heard this but regarded it as a myth. Tattoos that are located closer to the heart disappear faster compared to those located away from the heart. This comes from the idea that blood circulation is better near the heart. Areas down the legs and arms are known to take time to heal. According to experts, the ankle is known for taking much time to heal as circulation is poor. 

Basics about laser technology
If you are considering removing your tattoo using laser technology, you should familiarize yourself with laser technology. Decide the wavelength you want for your tattoo. This will, however, be determined by the color of your tattoo. Also, remember that the success of the procedure will depend on the type of tattoo you have. Professional tattoos are more complicated compared to amateur tattoos. After tattoo removal, expect things like redness bleeding and swelling.