Tips to Find the Right Snow Removal Service

If you have waited last minute to acquire snow removal service you aren’t alone but finding the right provider can be a little tricky. The following tips can help make finding a reliable and professional snow removal service provider easier.

The Most Common Consumer Complaints

Snowfall exceeded the amount stated in the contract and a snow plow never came.

Home or business owners having to shovel the snow from their driveway or sidewalk because the company never showed.Image result for Tips to Find the Right Snow Removal Service

The company did a poor job in removing the snow or caused property damage while doing so.

Your calls for snow removal services are never returned.

Choose a Company With Experience

Experience makes a difference when it comes to choosing the right snow removal provider. You want to do your research and make sure the company has plenty of experience and a good reputation. Pricing will vary but is typically determined by your property layout, the size of the area you need serviced and whether or not you need snow removal for your walkway or sidewalk.

Does the Company Schedule Their Services?

There are many contractors offering snow plow services but some only do it part-time. This could interfere with convenience should you need them to come clear your driveway while they’re unavailable. Find out if they offer a particular schedule for their snow removal services.

Find Out What They Charge

Many companies will have different charges for their different snow removal services. For instance your driveway could be one cost but clearing your sidewalk could be an additional charge. Always know what you’re going to be charged for before choosing a company. The lowest price isn’t always the best service either; just something to keep in mind.

Is The Company Insured?

What happens if your property is damaged? Contractors typically offer insurance coverage and some even provide homeowner’s insurance. It’s important that you make any necessary calls to make sure the contractor is in fact covered before you use their services.

Read and Review Your Contract

Verbal agreements are not good enough when it comes to acquiring professional services. You should be given a written contract from the company. You can even have your lawyer look it over to make sure everything is covered and to give you more peace of mind.

Are There Cancellation Fees?

Should you decide to cancel your contract with the company you’ll want to know if you’ll be required to pay any fees or if any extra charges will be applied. This should be included in your written contract as well.

How Do You Pay?

You’ll want to know when you’re expected to pay for services. Some contractors allow you to pay for each plow or by the season. You’ll want to review your options and decide which one is right for your needs. If there isn’t much snowfall are you reimbursed any money? If you’re expected to pay in full up-front be wary. The majority of reputable companies will allow you to make several payments throughout the season.

Have Their Contact Information

If you have an emergency and need them to come plow you need to know who to call. Is there a specific department or emergency number? Keep these phone numbers handy during the winter season.

Watch Out for Scams

Scams are everywhere and they’re not always easy to spot. Appearances aren’t everything and some of the best scammers know how to appear completely legitimate. If you aren’t getting answers to your questions, this is a red flag. If they don’t have any references to provide this is another red flag. Any business, new or experienced, should be able to provide solid references.

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