Top 4 Reasons You Should Frame Your Pictures

Whether you’re in the middle of redecorating your house or moving into a brand new one, hanging pictures is one of the best ways to decorate your walls. Pictures of family and friends or just works of art you love can look a bit plain without a border. Here are the top 4 reasons you should consider framing your pictures, so they’ll look better and be protected.

#1 Make Your Pictures Look Better

Framing your photos or paintings make the images pop and stand out apart from your wall. Frames can also be used for the opposite effect and give your bright or colorful pictures a more subtle blend into their surroundings. While frames are often used to match pictures and walls, they’re also perfect for matching your wall art to the rest of the decorations in your room. Chairs, tables, and other furniture you may have will all fit into a certain style that you can mimic with different picture frames giving your room a single theme and feeling. Frames can also be an inexpensive way to make your pictures look better.

Image result for Top 4 Reasons You Should Frame Your Pictures#2 Protect Your Pictures

One of the best reasons to frame your pictures or wall art is that frames dramatically increase the strength and protective capabilities of canvas and printed work. While it’s rare for a painting to fall off a wall on its own, accidents do happen. A sturdy frame provides a solid structure that will protect a picture from rips and tears should it ever fall. Frames also give canvas a sturdy support structure preventing folds and seams. Along with exterior support, frames give you a place to mount glass or covers to protect the art itself.

#3 Great for Gifts

Aside from looking better and being stronger, frames are great additions whenever you give a picture as a gift. A frame can add a nice touch to a picture of a memorable event that you’re giving someone as a gift. A frame serves to help round out and complete the entire photo or painting so the recipient can simply hang or stand the finished product. If you’re interested in frames, Dallas picture framing has a variety to fit any occasion.

#4 Balance to the Digital Age

With advances in technology, digital photo albums and wall art are a growing trend. Often times digital albums or paintings are fairly bland and basically flat screen TVs that you hang on a wall. Framing this art not only provides protection and security, it also gives your modern digital art a nice balance of old school frames. Many frames are ornately designed and can actually serve other functions besides looking good. Frames can serve as a hanger for clothes, bags, or even other pictures. 

If you want to a simple upgrade for your pictures and paintings that will not only protect them but make your rooms look their best, you should consider adding a frame.