Types of Garage Heaters That You Might Consider Using

If you have a garage that has a huge amount of space or a garage where you don’t park your car, then chances you’re already using it for some purpose, like keeping your pet, using it as a play area for your kids, using it as your workplace, or storing stuff in it. However, you are sure to agree that in winters the garage feels like a cold storage, where you cannot work, or play anymore.

This is why it’s recommended that you use a heater in your garage so that you could keep it warm and cozy, However, the normal room heaters are usually not recommended to be used in the garage since they are small and cannot heat up the whole garage. This is why it’s recommended that you use a garage heater, which specifically serves the purpose of heating up your garage.

There are many types of garage heater to choose from, and if you’re looking to buy the Best Garage Heater, here are some of the affordable heating choices that you could consider:


A woodstove might be a great choice for heating up the garage under certain conditions. For installing woodstoves in your garage you’ll need to have the garage ready for a safe installation, which doesn’t have any combustible materials in it, and you must also have a proper chimney to let the smoke coming from the firewood out.

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Woodstoves take a little time to heat up, but they’llcontinue generating heat for a long time even after you’ve stopped adding fuel, this is why woodstoves are not a good option for short, quick heating needs. However, on the other hand, it would be ideal for garages, which are frequently used by people for different purposes. 

Infrared heaters

An infrared garage heater makes use of natural gas to heat up your garage. This is an environment-friendly way of heating up your garage. This heaterdoesn’trequire an electricity source since it uses electromagnetic radiation to produce the heated air. The heater also has enough power to warm up the areas around or near the garage heater. However, these heaters are a little costlier than the others.

Space heaters

These portable and inexpensive space heaters are only useful for heating up small garages. These heat up the garage quickly, especially if it’s insulated properly. However, these type of garage heaters release gasses like carbon monoxide and moisture to the air, which can prove to be very bad for your body. These garage heaters need fuel like propane and kerosene, which is why it’s suggested that you have proper vents for the removal of the fumes.

Electric heaters

This type of heater runs on electricity and has coils that heat up to generate heat. These are great choices if you want to save money and want a heater that can be operated with safety in place. Gas operated heaters can cause fire outbreaks in the house and there are also chances of them exploding during some situations.

This means that the electric heaters are the safest form of heating your garage. However, they use up a lot of electricity and you must be ready to pay more on your electricity consumption.

These are some of the different types of garage heaters. Before buying one of them, It’s recommended that you do a thorough research on each one of it and choose the Best Garage Heater for your needs.