What Should You Know before Investing in an Expensive Watch?

When it comes to luxury items whether an expensive watch, diamond necklace set, a sports car or anything else, there are weird and varied opinions.Those who can afford and love such things appreciate the complexity and the beauty of the piece justifying its value, while there will be others who will consider it as a show-off of wealth. Many people don’t step back even if they have to buy jewellery online by investing a high price. It’s not just jewellery – people also spend a fortune on watches.

It is often men who are in love with watches and often feel that an expensive watch is money really well spent. If you are a watch aficionado there are few things that you should keep in mind before buying one.

While no watch, however, expensive can tell a time better or change the time you are going through there are three basic ways in which watches tell time.

  • Digital Watches: These are the ones that get power from an ultra-small size battery.
  • Quartz Watches:  These analogue timepieces run on tiny vibrating electrified quartz crystal and are most accurate.
  • Mechanical Watches: A live example of superior craftsmanship which has a complex array of gears and springs to power it. They need regular winding and are not very accurate losing around an hour in a year as against a minute in quartz.

The watch lovers often go for either quartz or mechanical ones. Those who want an impressive brand on the wrist, but don’t want to worry about rewinding it regularly often go for quartz. They are obviously much more accurate than mechanical as the ancient art of winding the watch by hand is still imperfect. The replacement of the battery is a simple process and looks wise they are similar to mechanical pieces.

But, most of the watch lovers who buy expensive pieces not as a status symbol but because they appreciate the art behind it go for the mechanical pieces. The array of gears and springs bringing life to the watch fascinates them. You can see the childlike curiosity on their face when they watch the rear of the watch. They are thrilled to see the intricate work of art that makes the watch tick. Mechanical watches are the costliest ones because of their craftsmanship.

So, for accuracy and reliability quartz are the best but if you love the “tick, tick, ticking” then it has to be mechanical for you.