Why you need to get your PAT testing machine calibrated.

PAT testing machines should be calibrated once in a while especially if they are constantly in use. Servicing is always important if you want things to serve you better. Just like any other types of equipment your own PAT testing machines require good maintenance. Testers are very important but if they do not function properly then there is a problem.

Portable appliance testers can give you the wrong results. PAT testing is very important and you cannot afford to get the wrong results. If you get the wrong results, someone, my get injured by the equipment. The purpose of PAT Testing is trying to avoid any accidents from happening. You can get a person with PAT knwledge or trainig to help discover the problem with your PAT tester before going for the calibration.

The Calibration of the PAT testing machines may take up to a week but it is worth taking some time to get it done.

Should you get a new tester calibrated?

Many people wonder if they should get their new PAT testers calibrated or not. New testers are calibrated by the manufacturing company before release. You should get your tested calibrated after one year. However, if you feel like the tester is not giving you the correct results get it calibrated.

Where can I get my tester calibrated?

There are very many companies can calibrate your tester for you. If you cannot get to where you bought the tester there are other companies that can celibate the PAT for you. These companies will do it for you even though you didn’t get it there. How convenient is that?

Electric companies and appliances manufacturers offer calibration days where they calibrate your tester. You can consider this option to save some money. First, check if they can handle your tester to avoid any complications. Also, check if this will affect your warranty clause.

How often should you get your tester calibrated?

Even though you should calibrate you testers once a year, checking the tester once in a while can be helpful. You can buy a checkbox to do this. You can also check your tester using test equipment such as Metal GammaPat.

You should get your tester calibrated properly. An incorrect will result from the tester will give you false confidence in your appliances. Portable appliances have caused many accidents. Nobody wants to have accidents especially workplaces which are never a good thing.

There is no law compelling you to get your tester calibrated. There are regulations made by the government to ensure that you do not pose any danger to the public or workers. Some of this regulations are also made by the health and safety departments. They insist that you should do PAT testings efficiently. In order to do that you have to have a calibration schedule planned to check your testers.

Regardless of the brand or type of tester, you may have calibration is very necessary. Ranging from the battery powered PAT tester which is used to test appliances around hotels and homes to the very effective and fast Kewtech KT71. PAT testers from Megger are commonly preferred nowadays, for example, the new PAT320.

All these testers need calibration at some point. You can find good deals on calibration prices but do not fall for scammers who do not deliver quality work. If you have a broken tester do not throw it away it can be fixed by the same people who you hire to calibrate your testers.