Features to Add to E-commerce Sites to Boost Revenue

Have you ever wondered if you have done everything you can for your e-commerce site, yet you haven’t been able to increase revenue? Then, be glad that you have stumbled upon this article that details the features that you might want to include in your e-commerce site so that you’ll be able to hit that long-awaited goal.

Unlike physical stores that have promotional signage, sales personnel and other means to increase customer spending, e-commerce stores have a different take on increasing revenue. Online shopping and customer spending are left at the hands of, well, the customer. So, how do you increase the spending of the customer on your site to generate more revenue?

  1.    Suggest related products

Boost per unit transaction by including pop-ups at checkouts or during shopping. These pop-ups should suggest related items that the user has included in his or her basket. Also, the pop-ups could highlight special promos that your site offers. Something as simple as power banks to go with newly purchased phones can go along way and increase customer spending.

  1.    Link social media platforms in the buying process

Although Instagram has the highest average order value, Facebook takes the lead in user engagement and also has the largest user base out of all social media networks. In fact, according to a recent study, 85% of social media orders come from Facebook.

That is why almost all e-commerce sites integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which let’s e-commerce sites sell directly from any of the social media platforms and link back to their online store. Also, you can place promotional items, top sellers and other products or services on any of the social media platforms to generate more sales. Create brand awareness, drive traffic back to your site and introduce new consumers to any of your products or services by linking product marketing on social media back to your e-commerce site.

  1.    Continuous shopping from checkout page

For faster shopping, make sure to incorporate a “continue shopping” button in every checkout page. In this way, you are saving customers the hassle of going back, all the way back, just to add more items. This will increase customer spending and in the process decrease the number of abandoned carts.

  1.    Enable cart saving

There are instances when users couldn’t finish their online shopping in one day or simply cannot decide which items to purchase. So, they surely want to save their carts so that they can pick up where they left off when they return and continue shopping. By enabling cart-saving features reduces abandoned carts and also helps cripple repeat traffic on your site.  

  1.    Go after abandoned carts

There’s massive revenue lost when customers leave their carts, and customer abandoning their carts are caused by many factors. Remove as much hesitation from customers as possible by:

  1.    Being transparent with shipping costs because this is the first cause of cart abandonment
  2.    Provide more payment options because a significant percent of abandoned carts are caused by lack of customer’s preferred payment method.
  3.    Don’t insist that the clients register.
  4.    Testimonials

Gain an increased sense of consumer trust by using testimonials on your e-commerce websites London to increase conversion rates.

  1.    Make checking out easy

A significant number of carts are abandoned due to complicated checkout. Increase bounce rate, increase consumer spending and decrease cart abandonment by providing simple forms, varying payment options and security badges. All these will not only lead to improved user experience but also trust factors.

  1.    Descriptions with keywords and keyword search

Most of the time, customers have no idea what the name is of the item they are searching for. Decrease consumer frustration and help consumers locate the particular product or service they’re looking for by including a search bar to your web design. Also, include keywords in the product descriptions. Not only will this increase consumer spending, but also boost SEO.

  1.    Recovery email

These emails capture customers who have shown initial interest in your brand and then abandon your site. So, remind them about the items they showed interest in, their wish list and items in their abandoned carts. This will help increase conversion and possibly consumer spending when customers do decide to complete their purchases.


Marc Mazure is head of a team of highly skilled online marketers, web designers and developers at MLA web designs. Executing the highest standards in design, development & e-commerce solutions that are tailored to consumers’ needs. With years of experience in online marketing & web design, Marc offers a multitude of services with the very highest standards and principles.